Monday, June 22, 2015

Shallow Indians? Yoga Day Begging for International Approval

Ministry Of Ayush Beaming Faces!
So Yoga day which reverberated with Made In India, was rejoiced by Indians for setting 2 Guinness World Records. Am I the only one to notice the irony?

See the image on the left, Ministry of Ayush being handed over the Guinness certificates by a foreigner. This celebrated image reeks of approval that we are seeking from foreigners. 

What is Guinness Book of Records after all? It’s a book, not made in India. It was started by a certain Hugh Beaver in London in 1955. He was owner of Guinness Brewery.  

So we are rejoicing to be part of a book conceived and published in London to mark our home grown Yoga. How shallow can we all go?

Shameful for Ministry of Ayush representatives to line up and collect the certification from some foreigner. They should have rejected it for Yoga Day at least. Given the itch for international approval, it’s too much to expect, I guess!

Baap of all ironies!

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